Samsung R375C Prepaid Cell Phone

rate 3.6
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Category: Mobile Phone
  • screen size: 2.4"
  • os: Java MIDP 2.0

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I recently upgraded my Straight Talk prepaid phone from the Samsung R355c to the R375c. The two phones are very similar in a lot of ways, but i do like upgrade a little bit better. The Samsung R375C uses the Verizon network and I seem to have great coverage just about everywhere I go. Texting is a breeze with the full QWERTY keyboard and since the keys are slightly raised I have not had any issues hitting two keys at once. The phone only has a 1.3 MP camera, but manages to take some pretty decent photos. The operating system seems much speeder than the previous model, but the functions are basically the same except for the more modern looking icons. The QVGA color display is crisp and clear making the text and photos easy to see. The phone book holds 1000 contacts which is much more space than I think I will ever need. The MP3 player is pretty basic, but works very well. The External speaker could be a little louder, but it’s not that bad.The appearance of the phone is very nice and is a bit glossier than the previous model. The Samsung R375c is a very solid Prepaid phone that gets very good reception and extremely easy to use at a low price. I purchased this phone at Walmart for $69.98 along with the unlimited Straight Talk service card for $45. The phone was easy to setup and I was able switch my phone number over without any hassles.

Technical Details


  • Type TracFone


  • Product Dimensions (inches) 4.4" x 2.4" x .47"

  • Weight (ounces) 3.6 oz


  • Color Black


  • Battery, Standby 16.6 Days

  • Battery, Talk Time 5.5 Hours

  • Battery Type and Size 3.7V Li-ion, 1000mAh, 3.70Wh


  • Frequencies and Data Type 2.5G 1xRTT: 800MHz / 1900MHz

  • SAR value - Head (W/kg) SAR Value: Head 0.77 W/kg

  • SAR value - Body Worn (W/kg) SAR Value: Body 0.63 W/kg


  • Main Display Resolution 320 x 240 pixel

  • Main Display Size 1.77" x 1.33"

  • Main Display Technology 262K TFT


  • Camera Resolution 1.3 MP

  • Digital Optical Zoom 9x Digital

  • Features Mosaic, Series, Single


  • Features Music Player; Compatible Music Files, ACC, MP3, WMI; Ringtones, Polyphonic; MP3/Music Tones

Fun and Entertainment

  • Features Downloadable Content

Messaging Options

  • Features Picture Messaging; Text Messaging; Predictive Text (T9®)


  • Features Bluetooth®; Bluetooth® Profiles, A2DP, FTP, HFP, HSP, OPP,SDAP, SPP; Java™


  • Internal Memory 44.77MB

  • External Memory/microSD™ Capacity 16GB

Calling Functions

  • Features Speakerphone; Voice Recognition; Voicemail; Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC), M4, T3; TTY
  • Modern QWERTY Keyboard Design
  • Java MP3 Player
  • Stereo Bluetooth® Enabled
  • 1.3 Megapixel Camera
  • Supports Text and Picture Messaging
  • Java Enabled


Nai89 5.0
10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
I got this phone from the local walmart a month ago. And so far i loooooooove this phone. It makes the Samsung r355c look like crap. The battery life is wonderful it last all day! And it runs off of Verizon network for those who wondering. It takes awesome pics! The call quality is wonderful. My con is the keys, im a female with big fingers and sometimes when im texting fast i end up hitting two letters at once! And also locking the phone is also annoying i catch myself call people several times ... . Thank God for unlimited everything.. But yeah i rate this phone as a must buy! :) oh yea and also it rings extremely loud.! More >
MeaganE 2.0
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
I got this phone a couple of days ago.I got it from walmart on the 30$ straight talk plan for 60$. In my opinion it should be about 30$ for the quality that it is. For people wanting a basic phone it would be fine, but if you want to do anything on the web browser that this phone has, you will be very disappointed in it. I could do anything but check my email and look at the handful of preloaded websites(walmart.com was one of them).Trying to do anything on facebook was very cumbersome and it la ... gged terribly. I tried to do a basic google search to test its capabilities and it wouldn't load any pages even on a basic level.It wouldn't even proceed to the search page. Don't expect email notifications if you have a gmail account either. If the web browser had been even marginally better i might have kept the phone but it was lowsy. The screen quality is also poor, and the buttons are tiny. Also, just a small annoyance is that when I was texting, it defaults to the t9word setting whichs forces you to press the spacebar twice everytime you want to start typing a new word. I changed the setting but when i exited the text messages and then entered again later to text someone else, it again defaulted to the t9word setting. In other words, you cannot go to the phone settings to change it permanently. The phone does not come with a micro sd card and that is the only way to utilize the mp3 player. Anyway, if all you want is a basic phone you might like it, but i would suggest finding one that is cheaper. On this phone I definitely felt like I did not get what i paid for. A basic phone shouldn't be sixty dollars. Straight talk's website and various customer reviews made it sound better than it was. I guess i didn't do enough research on it. Hope this reviews helps anyone considering this phone. More >
Brian Gittins 5.0
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
got this for wife so we can get away from verizon contract.. her other phone was a razzle which is almost identical to this one, but now she has 1000 mins/text for $30 month instead of 700 mins/ 500 text for $65.. also this phone works on verizon network/platform or whatever they call it so it works just as good as her old one.. some buttons are different texting took a few mins to figure out but other than that she kept her old # and everything that took a day but big whoop to save $420 a yr. ... . it's $50 on walmart site or $58 in store and u can get 18 mo warranty for $9 so for once something is cheaper elsewhere than here. More >
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